Mathematical Challenge Days for Pupils

Vivien Townsend can come to your setting and deliver a fantastic day of mathematical challenge that will engage your pupils and inspire your staff. We have a number of well-evaluated themed days of mathematical challenge that can be delivered for a group of high attaining pupils, or adapted for a whole class or year group if you’d prefer. Many schools choose to cluster with their neighbours so that you share the costs and reap the benefits of pupils from different schools working alongside each other. You provide the venue and the pupils, we’ll do the rest!

Each day has a clear story and the pupils (and adults!) become utterly engrossed in the mathematical activities. We can support you with pupil evaluations for before and after the event, and letters home explaining what we’ve been doing. Each pupil will also get a certificate.

Each day costs £400 which is inclusive of delivery, planning and resources for up to 30 pupils. Travel is charged at £0.45 per mile from LE12 6PF. If you have an idea for a maths event for pupils in your school or cluster, and you don’t see it listed here, please get in touch and Vivien can put together something bespoke for you.

KS1 NEW! Castles

Detail coming soon…..

KS1 Who Killed the Big Bad Wolf?

Detective Townsend needs the help of budding young PCs and WPCs in tracking down the killer of the Big Bad Wolf. You will examine lots of evidence from Toy Town and its residents. Will you discover the truth and work out who did it….?!

KS1 Treasure Island

Captain Townsend needs a crew to join her as she sets sail for Treasure Island. All little pirates may apply but you’ll have to pass a series of challenges first. Will you join the Captain and find treasure beyond your wildest dreams?

KS1 Space Adventure

Calling all budding astronauts! The Space Mission needs a team of highly skilled astronauts to discover whether there is life on Mars. Will you pass the selection tests and proceed to board the rocket to Mars? And will you find life when you get there?

Lower KS2 NEW! Mathematical Circus Skills

Detail coming soon…..

Lower KS2 Super Hero School

Have you got what it takes to be a super hero? At Super Hero School, you will be put through your paces and challenged to put your skills to the test. If you succeed, you too will get your portrait and vital statistics in the school’s gallery alongside the comic book greats.

Upper KS2 NEW! Animal Antics

Detail coming soon…..

Upper KS2 Olympic Committee

Let’s go back in time… London has just been awarded the 2012 Olympic Games and you, the Olympic Committee need to get down to some serious planning. Will we sort out the bus routes, timetables, kit and track in time for the opening ceremony?

Upper KS2 Code Breakers

You are recruits to Bletchley Park during WWII and as such you need to pass through code school, learning about increasingly challenging codes and ciphers. When the high profile message comes in, will you be ready to crack it?

Upper KS2 Murder Mystery

Lady Lenton is dead and the team, headed by DI Townsend, are charged with finding out who did it. There are lots of pieces of evidence but can you piece together what happened and decide who to bring in for questioning?